How to clean and maintain carpet

Carpet daily cleaning and maintenance points:

  1. If you pay more attention to the carpet, you can reduce the number of cleanings and prolong the service life of the carpet.
  2. The carpet must be avoided from wear and tear. Whether it is the damage of hard objects during cleaning or the wear and tear on the furniture, it will cause damage to the carpet. So houjiji recommends moving the furniture on the carpet every once in a while.
  3. It is best to clean the carpet at home regularly, and do simple dust removal at least 2 to 3 times a week.
  4. It is also best to avoid long-term exposure to strong light. Sunlight is the strongest fading agent. To maintain the beauty and durability of the carpet, try to avoid the effect of aging and fading caused by strong light.
  5. The carpet should avoid the contact between the carpet and chemicals. When using cleaning agents or skin care products, avoid contaminating the carpet, otherwise it will easily cause corrosion.

How to maintain the carpet?

  1. The room with carpet should pay attention to ventilation and moisture-proof, so as to avoid moths and mildew on the carpet.
  2. Avoid light, avoid direct sunlight, so as not to fade the carpet aging.
  3. Anti-fouling, must not be contaminated with oil, acid and other pollution during use, and should be wiped off with high-quality carpet cleaning cream immediately.
  4. To remove dust, dust is easily accumulated in the fibers of the surface layer of the carpet. It should be cleaned with detergent frequently along the direction of the hair.
  5. Prevent the hair from falling; if the carpet appears backward, wipe it with a clean towel soaked in hot water, straighten it with a comb, iron the hair with a damp iron pad, and it can be restored to its original state. 6. To prevent concentrated point pressure, in use, where the legs of the furniture touch the carpet, cushions should be placed or the furniture should be moved frequently to replace
  6. Cigarette butt burns are treated by cutting off the burnt area with a razor blade.

How to clean carpet?

  1. Buy a good vacuum cleaner to pick up dust from carpet fibers, especially if your carpet is fluffy or you have cats and dogs. Vacuum several times a week. If you have pets, you may need to smoke every day.
  2. Don’t rush through the vacuuming process. Even high-powered vacuums take time to pick up dust, grime, and hair on the underside of carpet fibers. Put the vacuum cleaner on the carpet more than once to make sure it’s thoroughly clean.
  3. Thick tread to protect the carpet. If your rug extends into the front door, kitchen, or other frequently visited areas, consider protecting those areas with a rug or plastic protector. That way, you don’t have to laboriously vacuum large chunks of dirt and grass every day.
  4. Another advantage of the material carpet protector is that the carpet can be seen through the transparent plastic. This is an unobtrusive way to protect your carpet from dust. Use hallway rugs as more people walk in the hallways.
  5. Clean spilled stains immediately. Allowing the stain to soak into the carpet and allow it to dry can make cleaning more difficult. You’ll save a lot of time if you deal with the accident right away.
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