How to choose to buy a carpet

Carpet materials are usually divided into natural fibers, chemical fibers, blended fibers and plastics.
natural fiber material
Pros: Long fibers, good moisture absorption, warmth and noise reduction
Wool: High-quality wool carpets have long fibers, good elasticity, soft and comfortable touch, and good sound absorption and noise reduction capabilities, helping to keep your home cool in summer and indoor temperatures in winter. But the price is high, and its resistance to bacteria and moisture is relatively poor. If it is not taken care of well, it will become moldy and moth-eaten, and it needs careful cleaning and maintenance.

Cowhide: Good adhesion to the ground, wear-resistant and insect-resistant, and can be used in all seasons. However, it is not easy to take care of, and the patterns and colors are also more selective in the decoration style.
Jute: It has high hardness and is very wear-resistant; and it has good air permeability and heat dissipation, which is very suitable for summer use. But it feels harder and not as comfortable as a wool carpet.
Pure cotton: The pure cotton carpet is soft and comfortable to the touch, not easy to lint, has strong anti-static ability, and can also be machine washed, which is more cost-effective. However, pure cotton carpets have strong water absorption and are easy to breed bacteria and mildew.

The size of the carpet placed in the living room should be selected according to the position of the sofa and the actual size reference to choose the carpet that is suitable for your home size. It is recommended to place sofas, coffee tables, etc. above or next to the carpet, that is, the carpet size covers the entire seating area, or partially under the sofa, to ensure that the carpet is at least as wide as the sofa.

The carpet placed in the bedroom can be fully exposed in front of the bed, or partially pressed under the bed, or a large area of ​​​​rug can be completely pressed under the bed.

For the rug placed in the dining room, choose the rug that suits your home size according to the size of the dining room, the way the dining table and chairs are placed, and the size reference. The key to the selection is that the carpet must be able to cover the dining area after the dining chairs are pulled out, that is, the dining table and the table and chairs are placed on the carpet, and there is a 3-5cm gap between the edges of the carpet.

How to clean and maintain carpet

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